Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So, in december of 2006, Youval and i started talking and he gave me an invite to come to a jam in France called TEMPLE OF STYLE that they have every year in December. there was no money involved, but i love France, and got alot of friends there, and money really isn't a big deal, so i pack my bags and head for france.
i get to the jam the first day, which was a hip hop freestyle dance comp, but breakers are still doing thier thing in a cypher on the side.
now at the time, i was 39, and at my old age, it takes me a long time to warm up, and in the north of France, in December, its freezing!
so needless to say, i wasn't dancing that day. but like always, I'm still supported the breakers, so im in the cyphers, giving props and such to the cats doing their thing.
all of a sudden i notice this one cat on the opposite end of me, he staring hard, wispering in his boys ears, his boys start staring hard, and i wasn't born yesterday so i know whats coming next.
i turn to my boy
 Lamine and say, "damn, im gonna get smoked today, i know this cat is gonna call me out, and im so cold i cant move."
just as i finnished the sentence, the dude, comes blazzing out the the sidelines, in a furious and agressive, hard, top rock, i feel the tention from the other side of the cypher, and everyone is staring at me like they know homeboy is gonna call me out and they gonna see a battle.
homeboy does a spin to get closer to me, and just as he points his finger in my face, THE MUSIC DIES WITH NO WARNING!
he is staring at me puzzled like "what do I do know?"
 I look and point at him, and as loud and as demeaning as I can so the whole cypher hears me, i say "THAT WAS A SIGN FROM GOD HOMIE, DONT TEST ME!"
and the cypher went crazy!
Brutha got smoked without the battle even happening!
fastest battle i ever had.

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