Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last time I bought y'all the FURIOUS ROCKERS. This time its my pleasure to bring y'all a lil something featuring one of my oldest friends DON TONY.

DON TONY came into the game about the same time i did, 1982, when he first saw neighborhood chapter leader of the ZULU NATION called ZUBANG doing the ELECTRIC BOOGIE (a Bronx term).

By 1983 DON TONY was already breaking along side his partner and crew mate CHIQUITIN where they started a crew called POWERFUL BREAKERS, and later hooked up and became friends with another old friend of mine who was well plugged into the scene and together DON TONY & TIC MASTER set out to make there names known in every hood. (pictured below Don Tony on the left, Tic on the right)
By 1984, DON TONY was rocking with notorious crew from the Bronx called HOT FEET ROCKERS, which was like a sub division of ROCK STEADY CREW with members (pres)FLEX, (v.p.)SPANKY, TONY ROME, LIL OUTLAW, HEADSPIN JANET.
DON TONY is also responcible for introducing me to BUCK 4 of ROCK STEADY CREW and the rest is history.
The thing with Tony was not just the Electric Boogie, or Breaking, but that he was  DANCER! no matter what dance was in style Don Tony could flow with it and was a dope freestyle dancer and rocker as well.
Currently Don Tony is the President of the Bronx Chapter (of course) of THE BRONX BOYS ROCKING CREW. pictured below are DON TONY & BATCH, the founder of T.B.B. ROCKING CREW


  1. Much respect to the veterans of this culture & revolution cause if it was'nt for them I'd have no calling in life

  2. I met Alien ness on afew visits to Australia.He liked the way our crew here Freshsox danced and he put them down with MIghtyZuluKings.Alien Ness is also a Freshsox member and is a huge influence to the bboys downunder.
    TBB i learnt about in the last few years and through speaking with Powerful pex,Dontony and Aby we have a small TBB chapter coming out of our hometown Melbourne.
    Dontony i speak to on a regular basis and we have become really good friends.Linking the Bronx New York with us all the way down here is a big deal to us and we are hounored to learn the history and truth.So much love to you Tony and thanks for the friendship over the years.peace Culprit.

  3. TBB is starting a new chapter in the bboy world and putting out the knowledge that 'the bronx' is where all this started. forever hip hop. peace!